“Chase Me Again”

    Over the years my wife (Sue) has been deeply involved with a family homeless shelter in the East County / Gresham area called “My Fathers House”, an organization committed to aiding and restoring to health families that have found themselves demoted to living on the street due to a variety of reasons. In the process she was inspired to dream a larger vision which she felt would multiply the return on her efforts and broaden the scope of those she could help and bless. The fruition of her vision birthed in 2010 a new nonprofit organization located in downtown Gresham with full 501c3 status called “Chase Me Again” (a local community thrift and home store).

    Now, Chase Me Again is not your average thrift store. Yes, it is a place to donate your used items or find other used items at a low price, but it is much more than that .....

    Chase Me Again, a “unique” thrift store began with a dream to encourage the cycle of renewal and redemption, and to restore value to the discarded. Not only does Chase bring value back to discarded items, it also places value back on individuals that have gotten lost, beaten down, & forgotten ....

people who have no place to live, need a good meal, a helping hand, or simply just a listening ear.

    Chase Me Again opened their doors in 2010 with aprox. 1200 sf of floor space in the lower level of the historic building on the corner of 5th and Main in Gresham. In 2012 they grew and moved into one of the Rieglemann buildings at 2nd and Hood (still Gresham) with aprox. 4900 sf.

    Over the last five years that Chase Me Again has been operating they have been able to donate nearly $125,000 to My Father’s House and other charities. (See details below)

    Chase Me Again is mostly volunteer run reselling used clothing, shoes, boots, jackets, coats, jewelry, gadgets, toys, house wares, books, furniture, antiques, wedding dresses, etc ...... Go to Gresham and check them out. Their products are clean, well priced, and in great shape. Who knows what kind of treasure you may find, as product does change weekly. You may even become inspired to become one of their many helpful and friendly volunteers.

Restoring Value To The Discarded

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